East Coast Furnitech and Sustainability Development

Strategies for Sustainable Development

Sustainability Policy

Connection of Stakeholders

Solar Roof Project

Since the Company has the plant area for furniture production, it helps to save the energy costs, the Company, Therefore, has the idea to make the Solar Rooftop Project which has been conducted within the plant area. The installation of the Solar Rooftop system can save the electricity cost for approximately 1,000,000 Baht per month. The Solar Rooftop system not only helps to minimize the electricity costs but also helps to take care of environment conditions because the solar energy is a clean energy that does not cause any poisonous reactions to the environment.

ECF Park

The Company built the ECF Park under one of main objectives to create a source of income for people in the community, the ECF Park is located on Ban Bueng-Klaeng Road, suitable to be used as a place for distributing souvenirs and local products. The Company has allowed people in the community to rent space for selling products in ECF Park. It is also considered as a bus park area with service and selling product areas such as coffee shops, convenience stores, restaurants clean restrooms and service stations for charging electric vehicles to electric vehicles etc.