Business Group


East Coast Furnitech Public Co., Ltd. (“the Company” or “ECF”) is a manufacturer and distributor of furniture made of particle board and rubber wood, foil paper, dried rubber wood using as a raw material for furniture manufacturing, a distributor of rubber wood furniture manufactured by ECF and of wood furniture manufactured by other domestic and overseas as well as a service provider in cutting the pasting edge (PVC) as raw material for particle board furniture.

Renewable Energy

Presently, ECF Power Co., Ltd. (“ECF-P”) as the subsidiary invests in SAFE Energy Holdings Co., Ltd. (“SAFE”). ECF-P is holding SAFE shares at 33.37% and SAFE invests in company related to the biomass power plant business as


The company is preparing its readiness to continuously establish a strategy of change and adaption in the business to create opportunities for stable and sustainable.