Furniture manufacturing and distribution business

The products of the company and its subsidiaries can be divided into 4 main product groups.

Particle Board Furniture

Rubber Wood Furniture

Dried rubber wood

Foil Paper

East Coast Furnitech Public Co., Ltd. (“the Company” or “ECF”) is a manufacturer and distributor of furniture made of particle board and rubber wood, foil paper, dried rubber wood using as a raw material for furniture manufacturing, a distributor of rubber wood furniture manufactured by ECF and of wood furniture manufactured by other domestic and overseas as well as a service provider in cutting the pasting edge (PVC) as raw material for particle board furniture.

Particle Board Furniture

Particleboard is a wood that can be used to replace real wood. Currently, it is very popular in the production of furniture. Particle board is made of crushed rubber and other woods then pack with urea formaldehyde resin. The up and down layer is fine wood chips while the middle layer is rough wood chips. Consequently, the particle board cannot be attached with nails or surface or edge decorated. Particleboard is use to replace the production of furniture with natural hardwood that has been cut from wood in the forest. Therefore, particleboard is another option that reduces the use of nurture woods.


Products of particle board are categorized into 7 types and each type will be categorized by the product model as follows:

1. Multi-purpose shelves

2. Multi-purpose cabinet/showcase

3. Wardrobe

4. Computer desk/working desk

5. Television cabinet

6. Shoes cabinet

7. Dressing table, Bed


For Particle Board Furniture, ECF will manufacture and sell to these customers by classifying as follows:

1. Made-to-order for overseas customers. They are mainly furniture distributors and large modern trades in Japan.

2. Domestic sale by using the brands of the Company “Fur Direct”, “Leaf”, “a7”, “Hasta” for selling to Big C, Home Pro, Mega Home and Thai Wasadu,respectively.

3. Domistic sale under the brand “FINNA HOUSE” whithin the area ELEGA showroom RAMA 2 branch, Bangna branch, Rungsit branch and Chaiyaphruek branch which distributes the furniture under license of Disney.

Rubber Wood Furniture

ECF’s rubber wood furniture is categorized into 3 groups as follows:
1. Dining Table set
2. Living Room set
3. Bedroom set


For the rubber wood products, ECF will manufacture and sell to these customers

  • Made-to-order for overseas customers. They are mainly furniture distributors and large modern trades in Japan.
  • Domestic sale to Home Pro under the brand “Leaf”.
  • Sale in rental area in 12 showrooms of Home Pro and Index Living Mall under the brand “ELEGA”.

Dried rubber wood

Rubber wood is a wood with many physical qualities similar to teak such as beautiful pattern, dyeable, easy to decorate on wood, light weight and cheaper price when compared to other types of wood used to produce furniture. With such good properties, rubber wood is popular among people around the world in short time under the name of “White Teak”.

Foil Paper

ECF produces and sells foil paper which is used in coating the particle board for fine looking and ready for furniture manufacturing. All particle board purchased from manufacturers shall be coated with foil paper in ECF’s factory for cost reduction when compared to ordering foil paper from outside. In addition to the use in the production process of the Company, ECF also sells foil paper to general customers and some shall be sold through VV-Décor Co., Ltd (VV-Décor) as ECF’s subsidiary.